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Two very down to earth person, Chee Yong and Han Mui, are one of the few whom i’ve met that had kept their AD as simple as possible.

A loving couple that touches our heart, CY and HM are clouds that passed by my sky and stayed for a period long enough to rain droplets of love and joy into my world….



Chee Yong.Han Mui-

Thank you for dropping by…

Wenyao and Zhengyi’s Solemnization

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Was really looking forward for their solemnization.Why? Because its at 1 TwentySix!!!

Everytime when I take a run in east coast, i will definitely run pass the famous subsituary restaurant of Rochester and i am dying to find an opportunity to go in and taste their desert.

All thanks to wy and zy  🙂


WyZy Solemnization 16

(Ok beside eating, its also a joyful and impt event for this 2 good friends of mine hee!)

Wenyao and Zhengyi’s prewedding

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Wenyao is one of the earliest uni friend I know back in school (NTU). Was really excited when they approached me to do their prewedding shoot.

D-day weather is really bad with heavy haze followed by a downpour in the morning and hot and humid weather in the afternoon. But then we still made it all thanks to the …..

(the ice-cream at marina barrage is really a life-saver!).



high kneel is definitely a S.O.P for wedding proposal

Taking the first step

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Woo! This is our very first post.

After lurking for a long while, we realised that we really loved weddings and finally decided to do come out and share the joys we gained from them…..

Hope u guys enjoy weddings as much as we do.


Ben and Eileen’s


I love shoes, for some reason i always feel that shoes are as important as erhhh underwears….hahaa