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Please let me procrastinate for today

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I know i should concentrate on completing my previous assignment before i start on this.

But I really like th3s3 that i took earlier this morning for Yuhui and Thang Li’s wedding.


Seriously I dunno whats really nice outside, neither do i have the opportunity to find out more.

So, I’ll guess I will have to let it be a mystery….

Millions apologies for not updating

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Hundreds, thousands, millions apologies for not updating.

Having to juggle between photography and work, december is a terribly busy month for me. Did you realise i’ve placed photography before work…haha

Anyway here’s a sneak peep


After a few rounds of excruciating food torture from the bridesmaid, the groomsmen and team are extremely reluctant to try any food offered, even for some throat smoothing honey……

I love babies

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The birth of a baby, normally the next biggest event for couples after wedding.

(So can i say it is wedding related…hee)


Introducing sKylaR, baby girl of a friend of mine

East Coast Park

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EAst CoAst pArk…niceeee place for shoot!


Didnt really have that much opportunity to shoot that day, left in the afternoon….