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Street photography

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Street photography, something so trivial yet difficult. Lots of people are shooting in the streets, doing street photography but little do know that street photography is one of the hardest form of photography. It has no theme, no topic and no subject. No clue of what you will be shooting and the results you be getting. Things you are shooting are so ordinary that no one will take notice of it. A real good street photographer is one who makes the ever ordinary people out there extraordinary…

As the saying goes “there is no boring people, only boring photographer.”


“waiting for the call”

Alvin and Jessecca

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Wanted to upload more but there is something wrong with my connection. Very slow~~


A hot hot hour shoot

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Working on a recent wedding that i had just covered…….

A short 1 hour outdoor shoot before the couple retreat to their hotel to prepare for the dinner.

Wanted to shoot more but the hot day (34 degrees at 1pm) is draining all our energy

Here are some photos to share…..:)


Actual day highlights will be upload soon….stay tune!