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I love to edit photos

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Friends often asked me whether does my photos come out to be like that initially?

Of course not!

We do not have the luxury of time to make everything work out the way we want them to, especially in weddings. It’s just a snap and go thing, time is everything. (Ok maybe others are able to, i’m just not that good….hahaa)

More often the shots are as normal as everyday life. Therefore I certainty like to tweak my photos to make them a little bit different from the rest.

The transformation and transformation-mation

Check it out!

Finally end with a nice grainy texture + black frame. Something as pleasing as this:

Alright, i am happy with this, lets move on to another one…




Adrian and ChoiFun

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A terribly underachieved week previously. Was only able to start on Adrian and Choi Fun’s wedding until recently.

A beautiful wedding for this beautiful couple. Adrian even ask the restaurant to prepare food for me!

(Welfare to photographer +1000points…….haha)

Pink london cab uncle will be ceasing his car service next year so those who wanted to rent his PINK car must act fast!

The magical thing about this couple is that Adrian is always very “steady”. He always make 120% sure that his guests (including the photographer) are at their best comfort.

Choi Fun on the other hand is so accommodating. She will always had her radiant smile no matter how hot or tired she is(p.s and she is so camera sensitive).

I had really enjoyed myself documenting one of their biggest day.


Individual enchanced image

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There has been some enquires on what is the difference between individual enhanced image and normal pp?

I cant really explain them in words….perhaps I will show you one example (*for my case)

There you go:


Normal PP: Adjusting of white balance and contrast

Individual enhanced image

New packaging!

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New Packaging!
Was thinking of making a nice package to house my dvds for my couples. Searching high and low for weeks but in vain…..

Ultimately as a “DND ex-publicity”, i decide to make it myself….a handmade (“My Hands”) package for my client, (i cut i paste i stick i make)…..not too shabby ah…hehe

Ok i have enough fun, back to editing photos…..