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The feel never change

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As we were moving toward the next shooting place, i found a familiar sight. The breeze and feel brought me back to a few months ago when i first started in wedding photography. Link

I held my camera and took the shot.

Everything changes but the feel remains…..

(The next time when you walk the path with your love ones, do take a minute to feel, has anything changed?)



A 5 seconds thought

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As I move further and further into the world of photography, I started to spend less and less time in post processing my image, in return i started to spend more time in posing and setting up lights for every shoot.

I have to agree that the use of photoshop is vast and endless but wouldn’t it be just as nice if the photo is like what it is shot?


When parallel lines meet

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With many backlogs to clear, I might not be able to keep this blog up to date, for time being.

One recent photo to share.


Conventional no more

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Believe that every rookie photographer(i myself included) will ultimately face one of these questions: What’s your style? What makes you so different as compared to the rest? What makes you worth that amount? Why must I engage you? To be very honest, all these are tough questions (especially for myself).

As a matter of fact, these questions are closely linked and if you get the answer to one, you have solve the mystery.

As for myself, being 128.5786% non conventional. I try to do things different from the rest.

Beside using a journalistic approach in wedding photography, I also love fashion and most of my shots are in one way or another inspired by one of those wallpaper, posters from shopping centre. I’ll guess that explain my style in wedding photography. I guess the rest of the answers are self explanatory.


Alfred and Marisa’s solemnisation

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A good friend, same Hall OG group mate, same hall mate, same committee for 2 yrs, room mate’s solemnisation!

The solemnisation was held in a cozy restaurant in Rochester Park. Its was like the second time in rochester after my another bestest friend wenyao and zhengyi got married in one.twentysix just barely 9 months back (I guess all my good friends like rochester…

Beautiful place with beautiful people, fine wine and good food (the steak is abit too raw for me) what more to ask for.

Congratulation to Alfred and Marisa