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Wedding of serene and clarence

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I’ve met a couple of long lost friend in their wedding. And through one of them, i have found some of my secondary school friends back. That’s what i really loved being a wedding photographer. We meet all sort of people and through people, we found back our old friends….

BTW, i shot this with my new 5D2 last november, doesn’t it look sharper than my 5D1… 🙂

Heartland style

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We have been shooting around Singapore HDB flat area recently. One reason is to reduce time loss in travelling and the second is because we have pretty much run out of ideas for the common outdoor shooting area, eg seletar reservoir, airport, museum and wanted to try to do something a little different from the rest, heartland style.

Here’s one from a recent wedding on valentine’s day. Gerard was my university coursemate whom i can’t remember due to my  frequent absentee from classes back then (that’s why now i can only be a poor photographer while he become a captain in the armed force).

Something old, something new

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A wedding held last november with a slightly different colour tone to it….

something old, something new~~

This is rather misleading, the focus is on the pole, hands, undies or the ehhh action?

Chee Hau doing the back to 80s retro disco dance

and he glided pass the pole easily

making some last minute fine tuning before the spot check

the guys in undies

and gals with ribbon

Calling for help….

woo…lady gaga, no more sorry sorry, nobody etc…

mom checking for grammar mistake


no seeing of bride without a big fat angbao

as usual, money kept, angbao rejected

Actually all he wanted was a glass of coke

wink wink

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011 (*belated) Part 2- Happy CNY + Review time

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Have been busy editing photos for the past 3 months. Finally find some time to review my past 3 months photos.

These are the photos that i had shot for the during last 3 months. Photos that i liked but hope that i had done something more to make it better.

A recently edited photo. A photo that i wish that there are something more to it?

The bride and groom are rushing for their second march-in and they have only given me 3 minutes for this shoot. How i wish that i have more time. Maybe for a kissing shoot or a veil flying white gown?

Shoot this with a 70-200. Guess that i have shot it way too tight. I have been thinking that giving the boy more space over his head could probably make it a better picture?

Shot this with a 50mm in a HDB flat. I knew i had posted this earlier on. I wished i had a shot it with my 24-70 or wider lens. It could be a better photo if the fingers of the bride hands are shown.

Have to say that this is a “lucky” shot. I supposed it could be better if i had frame the little boy more to the centre of the photo.

Been experimenting with texture and colours. I like this photo for the simplicity but i hope i have done more to make it less plain.

Shot this in a recent wedding. Love the spotlight and expressions. However i think it could be a better photo if i have focused it on the bride face. It was slightly mis-focused….

I could have done more to make it more symmetrical.

Shifting a little more to the right could have make this a better photo. I think. How I wish i had moved that time.

I was in a dilemma whether to focus on the manager or wine glass in that spilt second. I’m glad that i’ve made the choice on the wine glass…..Or maybe pushing it to a higher f-stop could have solved my problem?

3 bridesmaid with 3 different postures holding 3 different things.

I still remember that I was using my 17-40L wide open with shutter speed 1/80. I wish that i had increased my shutter speed one stop higher. It probably would have freeze the motion of the bridesmaid in the centre so that the corsage on her wrist would be more clearly shown.