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The last wedding of 2010

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Recently, i have been looking back at some of the past wedding photos i had took in mid of 2010 and end of 2010. I almost fainted when i saw my works back in July 2010.

When i started, every photos were batch processed and photos were delivered at a much faster rate. I’d come to realize that the more attention i paid on every single photo, the more flaws I see in myself and the more i’ll try to avoid this flaws. I have to admit that post processing has become a slow and tedious process as i painstakingly work on every single photos. Through this process, I admit I have learnt the most.

I like it black and white

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I like it black and white, what about you?

Photography should be fun

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Written by checkdesout

March 17, 2011 at 6:13 pm

Orchard hotel ballroom

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I have never step into orchard hotel before this. I am amazed by the splendor of the ballroom. Here’s a sneak peep.

Solemnisation of Yiru and Patrick

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A series of ill lucks (actually 10) strike me before their solemnisation. I’m glad that i still pulled through their solemnisation. Truely a day to remember.

Shall list what went wrong that day:

1. Out of good will, i decided to help my friend to collect his DVDs. Weather is looking good when i leave my house, 5 minutes later, it start pouring with omindirection winds. I was denched! DAMM!

2. Hailing cabs never seem to be a problem except that day. No cabs for nearly 30 mins…WTH!

3. decided to walk to overhead bridge for shelter, two car drive by and splashed water over me….F***

4. Finally get myself cab, when to destination point. Trying to ask for personnel to collect the dvds, was shouted by this Bangladesh instead “HEY, I SPEAK U NO KNOW ME, U NO KNOW WHAT I SPEAK AH!” What the hell i can’t even make up what he is trying to tell me.

5. Got my DVDs went back to cab. Spend another almost $15 for a $4 cab fare on normal days.

6. On the way to my friends house, lift faulty…..WTH again 9 storey. Climb stairs lo

7. Collect my item from my friend only to realise there is another lift around the corners…..

8. Hail a cab ” Fort Canning hill pls…”, driver answer “where is fort canning?” WTH

9. Was struck in traffic jam due to Chingay, cab fare $30.00….. from bedok to fort canning cost that much….

10. (I cant remember what else….there is one more)

Ramble too much….ok time for photos…

Made a short slideshow for their solemnisation. Looking forward to see them again for their actual wedding day this coming saturday!