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Save the date – e-session – Eileen & Jeremy

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Not long ago, Eileen approached us suggesting to us about this “save the date” card idea she had.

There you go, some sneak peek.

This is a love story of Eileen and Jeremy…

Penny for thoughts

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My experience in photography hasn’t been long. I have bought my first PNS camera (panasonic lumix) in the second year of my university life which is 5 years back and subsequently my first DSLR (canon 400D) 3 years back. I loved graphic designs but i admitted that i do not have a flair in that area. Despite practicing for all my life (i loved drawing since i was 5), i am not able to hone that skill to acceptable level (for public viewing). Photography was something that i thought it will bring my design skill to next level, unfortunately, i was wrong.

I moved on to my first job upon graduation, a design engineer. It was something that i really loved doing; mechanical drawings and designing. Once again, unfortunately my naiveness deterred me from venturing further into that career. I admitted that i wasn’t a people-people person. My relationship between superior and colleague was not good; i do not know how to “curry favours” and this put a stop into my interest in mechanical drawing. After one and the half year of struggling, I left my job which I thought i have interest in.

Next up, i moved on to photography.  Something which i know other than engineering. I started taking interior, street structure, landscape, people etc. I honestly admit that i have no ideas, plans, steps on doing photography as a career. I never love shooting people, and still and lifeless object are my favorite practice target. I started shooting architecture, landscape, structure etc but they are just not good enough for commercial purposes. I started feeling despair and almost given up hopes in photography and that is when opportunities started opening up. I was given a chance to shoot people in events which i have no interest in (however i need the money to survive). I believe i wasnt good back then and i was offered the job because they are desperate and i took up the offer because i am too.

However, the more I shoot, the more I grew my interest and curiosity in shooting people, i started learning to communicate with people and eventually this open another opportunity into wedding photography.

A couple of months back, i was offered a opportunity to be involved in a commercial interior project for a local magazine. I was exhilarated. Finally, i am able to work on something which always wanted to do-interior, street structure, landscape. I admit that they weren’t that good, but at least i find them marginally acceptable for human eyes.

One example of the commercial interior project which i find to be marginally acceptable for human eyes.

Wahyu & Esti’s W

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and a short slideshow i did for them, slideshow.