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Apologies for the lack of updates

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Dear all, as we are entering our peak season, we are sorry that we might not be able to update and reply to your email as regularly as we could as we are often out on assignments and have little access to our emails.

Please be a little patient with us. We are clearing our assignments soon and will get back to you asap. Thanks!

Ziqian & Yingwei’s S

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Recently, one of our hard disk crashed. As we always have the habit of backing up at least twice for all our assignment, this does not affect us greatly (I think). Not until we realized that we had accidentally back up the corrupted file to one of our assignments.

A very painful lesson, retrieving of that folder (2gb only) cost us S$400.00, that is equivalent to the price of 3 1-Tb external hard disk. Thankfully all the files were retrieved!

Check out the rest of the photos from the slideshow, here.

And now, we have revised our workflow, backup at least thrice!

Yanming & Sharyn’s W

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Apologies for the lack of updates. We have approached the peak period for weddings. We will try to update our blog as we could.
Here’s one I like from the recent weddings.

Have a great day ahead!