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C & M’s Wedding

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Its been a while since i’ve upload recent wedding post. However i have particularly like this series of Chloe & Marc wedding day.

Marc and Chloe decided to keep everything simple, meaning no gate crash, no bridesmaid and groomsman and they have decided to hold a simple lunch only for families, relatives and close friends; meaning no march-in, toasting, speeches etc.

Now all these have put myself into great challenge as basically there is limited events for me to document, very limited….

hope you guys enjoy their wedding images as much as i do.

Merry Xmas and happy new year!

A call for celebration!

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Ok i know this is pretty lame. But i will still shout out loud that i’ve passed my IPPT today.

As we know every Singaporean boys have to serve their nation in form of national service, and in order to maintain physically fit, we have to attempt and pass our IPPT every year before we ROD. So i went for mine today. After a hectic year, i have seriously forgotten to train for it at all. Fortunately i manage to just make it for my IPPT, a call for celebration!

Ok, i hardly do family/baby portrait because its not what i feel i am capable of. Probably i can only produce one photo within half an hour? This is one which i did for my ex-colleague/mentor.

Amateurish stuff…please don’t laugh….

Updates and Announcement

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Dear All,

Thank you for the support all along. Year 2011 has been an unforgettable year for us as we have our fair share of ups and downs. We have been busy throughout the entire year with backlogs stacking higher than expected. As such we are sorry to inform that we will not be accepting any more wedding assignments from now till mid February 2012.

There has been a series of unhappy incidents revolving my love ones and friends that have made me shift my priority a little. And hence i would not be taking up as many wedding assignments as i used to be for the year of 2012. For couples who wish to engage our services, you might like to do so early to avoid disappointments.

Next up, I will be traveling to Bali for a short work trip as well as to attend the wedding of a good friend of mine in the end month of June 2012. For those who are interested to engage my service in Bali, you might like to drop me a mail to enquire for our oversea service at local rates.

Thanks and have a great Christmas in another 2 more weeks time!