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Singapore chinese customary wedding and know-how – part 2 : Removing of wedding shoes?

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After a long and torturous gate crash, upon satisfying the requests and “needs” of the demanding angels (bridesmaid), its time to enter the house and fetch the bride!

While everyone starts to remove their shoes before stepping into the house, we see Ah Seng, (the handsome groom) taking his step into the house with shoes on.

“Ah Seng! You no need remove shoes meh?”

“Ehh, don’t know leh, my lao bu say no need….”

Can bride and groom remove their shoes before the ceremony is over?

As shoes [鞋] “xie” sounds like harmony [偕] in mandarin and came in a pair [一双一对] they became an important icon in chinese weddings.

Both bride and groom will wear NEW pair of wedding shoes to match their clothing. They are advised not to remove their wedding shoes throughout the chinese wedding ceremony, including the tea ceremonies and bride’s home visit as removal of shoes in the midst of the ceremony will disrupt harmony between the couple.

Removal of wedding shoes is advised only after the bride’s home visit to her parent’s home.

So our best advice is to invest in a pair of nice and comfortable shoes so as to have the best comfort on your big day!

Next up, we will discuss about the significance of tea ceremony?

(Disclaimer note: what i know are those i had seen in the wedding assignments we had covered, kindly let us know if there are discrepancy between the topics.)


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  1. The shoes look so pretty! Love them.


    January 24, 2012 at 11:35 am

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