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Singapore chinese customary wedding and know-how – part 3 : The significance of tea ceremony?

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Chinese tea ceremony

The Chinese tea ceremony is also important to the wedding because this is where the bride is formally introduced to the groom’s family and the groom to the bride’s. This is done through the tea ceremony on the day of the wedding when most of the family is around, a gesture of showing respect to the newlyweds’ elders.

Lotus seeds and red dates are normally used in the preparation of the tea as they symbolize the birth of children in early marriage life. The sweetness of the tea also signifies sweet relations between the bride and her family. There is also a specific way that each person is served; the parents are always served before the grandparents, grand uncles and aunts, then following back the lineage to the elder cousins and brother and then the elder cousins.

Wedding taboos? Stay tuned!

(Disclaimer note: what i know are those i had seen in the wedding assignments we had covered, kindly let us know if there are discrepancy between the topics.)


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