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Another happy day

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For some whom might have chanced upon this blog earlier on will probably know that i have shifted my focus away from photography for quite a while. Taking a break to see the world from another angle…

I am shifting my focus back to photography, something that i truly enjoyed in my life. Hope i am able to gain enough momentum to return to this industry again….

2015……wish me luck.


Another happy day

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It was pretty bad before the start of the photoshoot. There were filming crews occupying the location and the onimous sky threatening to ruin the entire day program.

30 mins after the first raindrops hit usĀ and totally drenched, the sky cleared up. The crew has left and we were there to play….

Thank god, it’s another happy day.

Fascinating Building and Architecture

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For those who have known me long enough will know that i am always fascinated by buidlings and architecture…..oh man i can just look at them for the entire day….