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Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe

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2.5 hrs train ride, climbing up 3400m to a freezing peak…..I wouldn’t say whether is it worth the effort until you are here to see it on your own.

No regrets and I will be back!

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Jianbin & Emma

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I never get the chance to do a proper meet up with Jianbin and Emma until the day of their wedding as both are stationed in Australia. Nevertheless i am glad to know them all!

Thanks for placing your trust on us.

~Eric Tan

Bridal Party

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I used to volunteer as student PA assistant in my secondary school life so that i can escape from morning assembly and singing of national anthem and this is what i saw back then…such nostalgic feeling.

Thanks to Emmanual and Michelle and their team of ever sporting groomsman and bridesmaids for making this shot successful.

Also not forgetting TK and Zhen Jie for the help too!

XiaoTing & QingFu

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Willis & Cyndi

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Colin & Sherleen

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An updated post after being inactive for so long, I’ll guess i will be returning to regular posting pretty soon.


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It has been a while since i last post. I am really busy lately (more on lazy).

Nevertheless, thank you thank you,  JB and Emma for been such a sporting couple!