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Boon Jia & Jasmine

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Some updates

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Hope someone will like this.

Winson & Jesisca

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Apologies for the lack of delay. We are having some issue with wordpress and as such not able to update for quite a while. Finally its resolved and tata……

C & M’s Wedding

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Its been a while since i’ve upload recent wedding post. However i have particularly like this series of Chloe & Marc wedding day.

Marc and Chloe decided to keep everything simple, meaning no gate crash, no bridesmaid and groomsman and they have decided to hold a simple lunch only for families, relatives and close friends; meaning no march-in, toasting, speeches etc.

Now all these have put myself into great challenge as basically there is limited events for me to document, very limited….

hope you guys enjoy their wedding images as much as i do.

Merry Xmas and happy new year!

Benny and Denise ‘s W

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An amazing wedding

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Marriage of a Scottish gentleman and Singaporean lady in Fullerton hotel with Hokkien techno songs (from the famous drama, Ai) sang during the banquet and a live band with green, red and blue disco lights.

This world is fascinating! Yes, this is Singapore!

did some changes to the above image, the previous one was slightly a little too heavy for my liking (trying to be adventurous but fail). This one seem better….(i thought)

some portraits taken yesterday, more to come soon