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Shane & Joreen’s Wedding

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C & C’s wedding

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I understand that some of you had been frantically trying to reached me but apparently, my mobile, smses and watapps appeared to be down, this is because i am due for my annual ICT training (preparing myself to protect the nation).

I have gone missing for the past two weeks due to reservist and as it is coming to an end, i should start to update all my couple entries, yay!

The first post for my return belongs to Chee Wee and Cindy’s, which had been completed long long time ago, hope you will like them as much as i do!

More images at slideshow.

Kit & Xavier

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I am finally back!

It has been a while since i last upload any wedding photos. I was busy with other assignments previously but now I’m back to keep this blog alive!!!

Here are some sneak peeps from Kit and Xavier’s wedding held some time back. Kit is my ex-hall mate and it’s a joy to see people around me getting married.

Cordon bleu….its going to be a fierce night!

Thirteen bridesmaids…its going to get real squeezy.

Here comes the gatecrash team!

Guess what is this game?

and it continues to freak people out…

and out…

and now its Xavier’s turn…

transporting LIVE goldfish with mouth, using saliva to keep it alive!

I wonder how many people saliva had Xavier tasted……*i’m disgusted…lol*

Unlike the rest, Kit’s tea ceremony is full of jokes and laughter…

and kisses too

love the deco at their house!

yes you are in the news! My news!

Xavier told me this is one of their favourite shoot!

Yes, its mine too…..awesome creativity and combination! Oopss….hahaa

There are so many more which i will like to share however i shall leave the rest for them to reveal.

A simple slideshow done to end of this post.

Last but not least, congratulations to Kit and Xavier!