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CM leung’s workshop – Part 1

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CM leung’s Singapore workshop which was held on the 30th August 2010 totally blew me away. It is (yes still is) awesome!

I have gained so much learning from one of the best wedding photographer in the world and his team of talented people. Throughout the entire session, it is seriously an eye opener. He is really able to stage, shoot and produce stunning images within split seconds (ok i exaggerated quite a bit..hehee). No wonder he is called the master of lights and colours.

The workshop consists of people all across the world. I am probably the most rookie photographer around.

These are the Singaporean that I met in the workshop, benny, myself, daniel (from pixelpixie) and tze yong (from wedding moments) (left to right).

I sincerely would like to thanks paul (from ckwedding) for the translation, we seriously need to take up Cantonese for the next CM leung workshop!

And last but not least

A photo with my idol, “cher” Leung…..

Looking forward to his next workshop in singapore!

(PS: Will post some of the photo he teaches us to shoot in Singapore museum real soon….)