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My Apologies to all

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Due to peak period, I will need a little more time to process the photos.

I’m sorry for the delay. Please be patient, i am working doubly as hard as i used to be. Your photos will be ready soon!



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October 25, 2010 at 2:14 pm

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old photo new finishing

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Had dug out some of my old photos and decided to try on some new photoshop skill that i had learn in shifu, CM leung’s workshop.

check it out!



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Oh yes i am one. There is too many things to do and too much time spent on whether which one should i start first.

Should i begin with the email replies, or the corporate shoots or editing photos, albums or slack. More often i will choose the last option as it is the easiest to begin with. Simply need to sit down and stone….lol that’s called slacking.

Or i will scroll down the smses from my hp and started to delete them/clear up space so that it become less laggy. Or i will take a look at the photo gallery of my hp to check on the past images that i have took.

Oh yes i had found one:

I took their photos a couple of months back. Now the marketing poster is now hanging on the wall of eci.

Speaking of that, i just remembered that i have not replied to their emails yet….