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Another SPACE photoshoot

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We had just wrapped up another photoshoot for singapore polytechnic SPACE. It’s another collaboration with butterscotch creations.

Each talent represents an identity; fashion, music and food and each identity is further differentiate by a colour.

Absolutely fun and happening shoot, pardon me for my demanding requests, all for better photos.
Only one photo among the rest will be chosen for use. Make a guess which one is chosen?

Y & A’s wedding

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It has been a while since i finally have time to update this blog of mine. Have been packed with projects and shoots for the past few weeks.

Here’s some shots which i took in recent wedding of mine. I hope you guys will like it as much as i do.

Check out the slideshow, here,  for more images.

Singapore polytechnic space website – a collaboration with butterscotch creation

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A couple of weeks back, i am glad to be offered another opportunity to work with Butterscotch creation, on a website for Singapore polytechnics,

As usual, couple of hiccups on the start of the shoot, with photo studio being replaced by video studio with blue screen. We kinda spent a quarter of the time allocated for this shoot to source for equipments and backdrop. Thankfully, we pulled it through. These are what we came out with,

concept and web design | Butterscotch Creation
photography | erictangallery

Diana & Qiuhong’s W

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I’ve supposed some of my friends have been asking why is there a decrease in the number of photos i had posted every entry?

Recently, I have decided that instead of posting a series of photos per weddings, I decided to work on the number of favourite moment shot I like in every wedding.

I hope you all will enjoy them as much as i do.