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blog again

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Many times this year, i had been constantly remind myself to blog as often as possible, to the extent that i think that i have been addicted to blogging.

Can’t seem to do anything right if i had not blog for the past 3 days..

Some snippets to Soofern and Charles’ wedding. My deepest apologies for the delay!

An amazing wedding

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Marriage of a Scottish gentleman and Singaporean lady in Fullerton hotel with Hokkien techno songs (from the famous drama, Ai) sang during the banquet and a live band with green, red and blue disco lights.

This world is fascinating! Yes, this is Singapore!

did some changes to the above image, the previous one was slightly a little too heavy for my liking (trying to be adventurous but fail). This one seem better….(i thought)

some portraits taken yesterday, more to come soon

Something to share

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Shot the lovely Calyn a couple of months ago. Love how the natural light falls on her.

YouTube Easter Egg: Play “Snake” Game While Watching a Video

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This is what i do when i am damm tired of editing. I know it has been around for a long long time….

For those who have no time to be informed.

  1. Go to
  2. Play any video you like
  3. Press the left and up arrow key together
  4. Start playing snake

Do note that this does not work for embedded videos. But it does work on full screen mode!

check it out!

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January 24, 2011 at 5:55 pm

The wedding of strong colours on strong people for the strong hearted.

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I would have described Cai Ting and Thomas’ wedding as one with strong colours on strong people for the strong hearted.

Pink shirts brother, with pink lips giving pink kisses was all that i could remember. A little “traumatizing” for those who were at the gatecrash.

And yes, i was affected too…hahaa

Check out Unique-colours FB for more photos

Can you spot the protected rings

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Something that i like, shot in soofern and charles’ wedding.

As per post title, can you spot the protected rings?

Hazards of a noobie photographer

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I remembered that i was almost knocked by a navy blue toyota camry/corona while i attempted this shot (somewhere back in early nov ’10). And he almost wanted to f* me that time, lucky i run fast…wah lau got car big ah….

Beside that I also saw Kelvin Koh (from lightedpixels) in his mini cooper too, inspiring sia!

Ok back to the topic, the life hazard of a noobie photographer. So please get yourself insured if you wanted to join us.

For me, i got my insurance from this guy…cfm good! hee