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Little bit and pieces toward new stage of my life – Interior photography – My turn to ponder… (Part 1-living room)

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I have been doing interior photography for quite a while and when the date drawn nearer for me to collect my flat (Actually there is a couple of months before it is completed…i am just kiasu), i am completely clueless in how i wanted my living room to be.

So in order to kickstart**, let me recap on the few living room design that i had took and had drawn my attention previously.

**Not in any order or preference

By: UMPConcept

Not a fan of industrial design however for this particular house. The industrial and rustic feel of the living room is not overly done. The black board adds further “depth to the boring rectangular Singapore HDB living room. (**good idea…maybe i should consider that too.)

By: UMPConcept

I like the simplicity of this living room for some reasons. (**which i can’t tell at this moment.)

By: Ascenders Design Studio

I always like how Ascenders designs their living room. For those that i have been to, they always have this little corner for wearing of shoes within the living room. This partly segregated corner also add a little bit of privacy for home owners. (*thats my thoughts)

By: Ascenders Design Studio

A very resort feel. I like the design of the shelves very much. This living room resembles more of a resort i must say. (*one that calm and relax the mind…..)

(*not my preference but definitely pretty unique.)

By: Ascenders Design Studio

Like how the additional corner are being designed for this living room.

Back to the question on how i wanted my living room to be:

  1. it must look spacious while retaining some privacy….
  2. It must have some elements of surprise but still not too much
  3. It must look clean and easy to look at
  4. There must be sufficient compartment to store my books (although i don’t read much)
  5. It must be unique and but not too unique
  6. And this list will continue….